Melvyn Fishel
Some friends call me Melvyn others call me George and both are fine with me, the full name is Melvyn George Fishel. I went to school at Koninklijk Atheneum Berchem  in Antwerp, then studied in Brussels at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. I have worked at the VUB and ULB universities (as research fellow and assistant professor in Physical Chemistry), at AMD (a microchip manufacturer), at Dialogic  Telecom Europe (in the voice processing industry), then at my own little company Xentec nv. I have two adult children. Click on the contact button above if you want to write to me. I am fluent in English, French and Dutch. I live in  Kortenberg, an Eastern suburb of greater Brussels.

Melvyn  (a.k.a. George)
Although I am not visiting social sites very often, you can also find me on Facebook and on Google or just click on the contact link above this page and leave me a message there.